Arm & Leg Pain

In Derby and Burton-on-Trent we often treat two of the most commonly utilised joints—the shoulder and hips—as they are vulnerable to a variety of ailments. Many times, the cause of a person’s pain is completely unknown. This could be a weekend athlete who overused the joint during a sporting event, a victim of a car accident, a person who lifted too much weight at work or at home, or a grandmother who fell asleep holding their grandchild in one position for the entire night. As a consequence of muscle, bone, or nervous system injury and irritation, these events often result in pain or discomfort that is very immediately felt. Our chiropractic clinic is here to assist.

Although many individuals are unaware of what could have started their arm or leg discomfort, it often comes on gradually over time. The most frequent causes of discomfort are arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, frozen shoulder and vertebral subluxations.

Additionally, it has been shown that “referred pain,” or the movement of pain from one region of the body to another, often contributes to arm and leg discomfort.

We commonly meet patients who report discomfort in their arms and legs that is being redirected from spinal nerve irritation. Because of the narrowing caused by the misaligned vertebrae or discs, the nerve may become inflamed, and this
often causes discomfort over its whole course. An excellent illustration of this system are the pain patterns linked to sciatica.

What Is Causing My Leg Pain?

It’s crucial that you consult a specialist because of the intricacy of the joints and the enormous number of potential reasons.

To identify the source of your difficulties, your healthcare professional will often combine a physical examination with cutting-edge imaging technology. This is accomplished by determining the source of the pain, variables that aggravate or relieve it, the kind of pain feeling, and other symptoms including swelling, skin changes, and bruises as diagnostic aids.

Can A Chiropractor Help?

As with any ailment, your initial line of treatment should focus on the most frequent and usual source of your pain and symptoms. The majority of complaints of arm and leg discomfort have been shown to be caused by misalignment (subluxations) of the vertebrae in the neck and lower back. The surrounding tissues and nerves may become irritated when bones or discs are misaligned or unable to move normally.

The extent to which patients’ nerves are distributed throughout the body, from the spine to the fingers and toes, often astounds them. Therefore, damage to the spine’s vertebrae might cause pain to feel anywhere down the arms and legs. Patients at Cedar Tree Chiropractic have had great success with chiropractic treatments thanks to a meticulous pattern of care. Contact us in Burton-on-Trent or Derby now to make an appointment if you or a loved one is suffering from arm or leg discomfort.

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