Work Injury

Have you been injured at work?

When people learn that significant accidents do not account for the vast majority of occupational injuries in Burton-on-Trent and Derby, many are surprised. The majority of industrial accidents actually result from tension and repetitive motions. Millions of pounds are spent annually in the United Kingdom to assist those who are struggling with this issue, with varying degrees of success. The remedy could be chiropractic treatment.

Repetitive stress is a significant risk factor for occupational injuries that occurs the most often. When small tasks are performed with bad posture on a regular basis, difficulties may develop over the course of months or even years. Twisting and turning when carrying boxes and other large objects, as well as constant typing while sitting incorrectly, are some of the most prevalent repetitive strain injuries.

Misalignment of the spine and joints may (and inevitably will) result in pain and injury. Misaligned joints can expand, which may aggravate nearby nerves and result in a variety of issues.

Can We Help?

When it comes to assisting in the pain relief of individuals with work-related injuries, chiropractors traditionally have had extremely high success rates. A chiropractor will often deal with issues connected to the workplace, including lower back discomfort and repetitive stress injuries.

One cannot overstate the value of getting the right treatment as soon as possible. The longer you wait to get treatment for repetitive strain injuries, the worse they will become. If you let the issues get worse, you could need surgery to fix any problems that have arisen. You may be able to fully avoid surgery or painkiller prescriptions by seeing a chiropractor and getting physical therapy.

It is easier to recover quickly from a work-related injury the sooner you obtain the right treatment. One of our experienced chiropractors may be able to evaluate your condition and inform you of what it will take to recover, including an estimated time frame and exercises that will assist.

You shouldn’t have to endure pain all the time. Our staff at Cedar Tree Chiropractic are here to help you get back on the road to health whether you are battling with any kind of injury.

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