Chiropractic Care
For Pregnancy

Chiropractic For Pregnancy?

Have you thought of Derby and Burton-on-Trent chiropractic treatment for pregnant women? Pregnant women often complain of severe lower back pain, which is frequently caused by the physical strain of pregnancy.

At some time throughout their pregnancy, 50–70% of pregnant women feel lower back discomfort, according to the British Pregnancy Association. Due to the baby gaining the greatest weight during the third trimester, the back discomfort often peaks around this time.

In order to accommodate the developing foetus, a woman’s body must go through a variety of physiological changes throughout pregnancy. A mother’s centre of gravity shifts from its natural location to the front of her pelvis as a result of the weight growth. The lower back and other pelvic joints may feel more strain and pain as a result.

Additional Stress As Pregnancy Progress

As the baby develops and the woman puts more weight on during the pregnancy, the tension on her lower back and lordotic curvature both rise. There is a strong risk that the pregnancy will make the lower back issues worse if the patient already has a history of them. This might make it difficult to go about everyday tasks like getting dressed or working, and it could complicate childbirth.

Numerous more issues might arise when the lower back is under stress. There have been reports of problems including leg cramps, stomach cramps, constipation, and more.

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Prenatal Care At Cedar Tree Chiropractic

At Cedar Tree Chiropractic, we can provide individualised treatment before, during, and after your pregnancy. Pregnancy-related common aches and issues may be reduced and even avoided with regular visits to our team of skilled chiropractors. We increase your and your baby’s chances of having a simple, risk-free delivery by doing this.

Getting Adjustments While Pregnant

One of the many simple and efficient procedures that may help the mother’s body to get ready for the experience of pregnancy and delivery is chiropractic treatment. Specialized readjusting techniques are available to accommodate pregnancy and decrease its problems. Many pregnant women who choose for chiropractic care claim that it enabled them to deliver their babies with little to no pain medication. Studies have also shown that having routine care may shorten labour times.

The knowledgeable and experienced team at Cedar Tree Chiropractic can respond to your inquiries. We are here to take care of you and your unborn child in a regulated, safe, and caring manner. Make a call right now to start along the path to a pain-free, natural pregnancy.

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