Neck Pain

Struggling With Neck Pain?

Unfortunately, thousands of people suffer from neck pain in Burton-on-Trent and Derby. These days, neck discomfort is very common, in part because of our lifestyle choices. The neck muscles and joints are strained and under stress as we spend a lot of time staring down at electronic devices in front of us. In addition, modern life is quite stressful. We face a tremendous number of micro-stresses on a daily basis that cause tension to build in the muscles across the shoulders and the neck.

Chiropractic Care For Neck Pain

If you are unaware exactly where the issue is, it is difficult to treat a patient with neck discomfort. In contrast to other chiropractic offices, Cedar Tree Chiropractic focuses on treating the cause of the pain rather than merely its symptoms.

The majority of the time, focusing on the areas above and below the painful location may significantly relieve neck discomfort. For instance, if the neck discomfort is at the base, we will frequently focus on the muscles and joints in the top of the neck as well as the upper back. The patients will feel significantly different after the first session since this will relieve pressure from the inflamed joints in the base of the neck.

Prevalent vs Normal?

You need to avoid falling into the common vs normal trap if you have neck discomfort. Simply said, because so many individuals experience neck discomfort on a regular basis, it has come to be accepted as common and anticipated in daily life for many people. Due to this approach, a large number of patients arrive with conditions that can no longer be treated non-invasively and may necessitate surgery and prolonged recuperation periods. Despite being quite prevalent, neck discomfort is undoubtedly abnormal.

You don’t have to end up as a neck pain statistic. Before it’s too late, call us and schedule a consultation to take charge of the situation. Your healing time should be swift and interference-free if you take care of your issue before it gets intractable.

Give us a call if you have any inquiries about Cedar Tree Chiropractic’s chiropractic services or would like more information about our Burton-on-Trent or Derby locations.

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