Struggling With Scoliosis?

With scoliosis, the spine develops a small bend which then progressively becomes worse. A minimum 60-degree sideways bend of the spine is required for a scoliosis diagnosis. Unfortunately, once the spine has deteriorated to this point, there are often serious health effects to contend with. The good news is that the bending of the spine may be stopped from becoming worse over time if it is found and appropriately treated in its early stages with chiropractic therapy before it gets to that point.

Scoliosis’s genesis has been the subject of much investigation, however there is little agreement on the reason. Scoliosis is more common in early teenage girls than in boys of any age, according to research.

Starting Off Small

The simple misalignment of one vertebra is often the first step in the development of a slight bend in the spine. The spine gradually assumes “S” and “C” shaped curvature as the body is compelled to make up for this anomaly over time. Because of a clear malformation of the shoulders and pelvis, scoliosis is often initially detected by parents and kids. Scoliosis cannot be treated by correcting posture, unlike the majority of other spinal diseases.

You should be aware that scoliosis may also affect older persons, even though the majority of instances tend to afflict younger people. Degenerative illnesses like osteoporosis, which affect older individuals, may cause the spine’s bones to lose their typical structure. To guarantee that the head stays level, the body must respond by creating lateral bends in the spine. In such circumstances, serious effects, including as heart and lung issues, may result if the source of the bending is not treated.

The best way to determine if your spine is curved is via an x-ray examination by your chiropractor. However, a number of orthopaedic tests, like the Adams Position Test, may help with the diagnosis. Additionally, chiropractors will assess the hips, shoulders, and legs for length variations that may indicate the onset of scoliosis.

Chiropractic Care For Scoliosis

Numerous studies have shown that receiving chiropractic therapy may halt or reduce the growth of scoliosis. The majority of chiropractors will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide you the best care, which may prevent you from considering more invasive or even surgical options.

Your chiropractor will ask about your complete medical history in order to find any potential contributing causes for your scoliosis, such as your employment, lifestyle choices, past traumas, and leisure activities. They will probably make precise spinal adjustments after taking these aspects into account in order to undo the body’s compensatory actions and aid in the healing process.

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