Back Pain

Struggling With Back Pain?

At Cedar Tree Chiropractic in Burton-on-Trent and Derby, our chiropractors take pride in providing patient-centred, fairly priced and effective treatment to aid in our patients’ swift recovery. We are aware of the impact pain may have on a person’s quality of life. We are ready to help you as you begin your journey to recovery with the aid of our experienced and professional team.

Using tried-and-tested, research-based chiropractic techniques, can accurately pinpoint the root of your problems and treat you accordingly. Our chiropractors are highly qualified, licenced professionals who provide a specialised, personalised approach with especially created care plans for the most effective therapies.

Our chiropractic services at Cedar Tree are all-natural, and non-invasive, with a major emphasis on spine and neuro-muscular wellness. Although most of our patients first come to us with lower back pain or general back pain, we can help with a variety of conditions. Contact our friendly staff to discuss if receiving chiropractic therapy is a good fit for you.

Most of the people from Burton-on-Trent and Derby who come to visit us are patients who heard about us through friends and relatives. Patients rely on our thorough diagnostic skills, informed advice, and expert chiropractic treatment methods.

What Causes Back Pain?

Numerous things can lead to lower back discomfort. For many, it gradually worsens over time as a result of either insufficient movement or repetition. The fact that we spend so much time at work sitting down, staring down at computers and phones, becoming stressed out, and carrying tension through our shoulders contributes to the fact that lower back pain is so prevalent in modern life. If nothing is done about it, over time all these things add up and eventually weaken our back’s capacity to resist damage.

Other potential issues, including obesity, arthritis, kidney stones, and UTI, will also need to be taken into account by you and your healthcare provider because they have been linked to lower back pain symptoms.

Disc Bulges

Your spinal column is made up of a number of bones (vertebrae), which are protected from shocks during daily actions like walking, twisting, and lifting by spinal discs. The inner component of the discs may herniate or expand through the outer layer due to injury or weakening. The discharge of irritants from this damage or the compression of a neighbouring nerve by a piece of the tear can both cause pain and discomfort. This is referred to as a prolapsed, herniated or a slipped disc.

According to MRI studies, up to 37% of individuals in Britain might have a disc bulge or herniation, with the vast majority of those identified not having any discomfort. However, those who are experiencing pain often describe it as unpleasant and  it can be severe.

Herniation can be exceedingly challenging to reverse, but research shows that chiropractic care can halt its development and ease patient’s suffering.


Subluxations are amongst the most often neglected causes of back pain. In essence, a misplaced vertebra can cause pain and discomfort and potentially limit your range of motion. Subluxations, which can occur anywhere along the spine, can be brought on by physical injury, stress, and toxins. The length of time needed to correct subluxations varies depending on the patient, the degree of the subluxation, and other factors.

Muscular Sprains And Tendon Or Ligament Strains

While strains and sprains may occur for anybody, they commonly do so to those who push themselves too hard or engage in activities that their bodies are not used to. The stretching and tearing of the ligament can result in a ligament sprain. Muscular strains often result from improper lifting technique. In addition to being exceedingly painful, strains and sprains usually have localised bruising and swelling. The good news is that the majority of sprains and strains are not severe and often respond well to chiropractic care.

Stress And Back Pain

The physiological profile of those who suffer chronic stress differs significantly from those who do not. Heart disease, gastrointestinal issues, depression, obesity, and back pain have all been related to increased stress. Muscle tissue becomes tightened as a consequence of ongoing tension, creating “trigger spots” that may be very painful.

Your Back Pain Specialist

At our clinics in Derby and Burton-on-Trent, we concentrate on treating lower back pain as well as generalised back pain. We are entirely aware of how upsetting these common, ongoing issues may be.

We are delighted that our back pain treatments, which include chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, and medical acupuncture, have helped so many people in Derby and Burton-on-Trent.

Contact our friendly staff to discuss whether or not our chiropractic treatments are appropriate for you. Your trust in us to exclusively provide effective therapies is the foundation of our philosophy.

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