Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Do you need a sports massage in Derby or Burton-on-Trent? sports massages are not only intended for athletes. Anyone who engages in this form of massage, from a casual runner to a professional athlete, will benefit. This is so that it may be customised to the person and the sport. The massage therapist at Cedar Tree Chiropractic concentrates on the body areas that have been overused and repeatedly strained, during a sports massage.

Why Sports Massage?

Whatever you name it—sports massage, myofascial release, soft tissue manipulation, etc.—there is nothing that can compare to a genuinely good deep tissue massage.

You don’t have to play sports to reap the benefits of sports massage; many office workers find that a good sports massage is effective in easing the discomfort that results from their tight and strained back, neck and shoulder muscles.

Sports massage advantages –

  • reduced muscular tension
  • greater flexibility of movement
  • helps the body recuperate after intense exercise or an event.
  • increased relaxation

It is strongly advised to think about giving your body the care it needs when exercising with sports massages and chiropractic adjustments. To learn more about the advantages of a sports massage for you, contact Cedar Tree Chiropractic in Burton-on-Trent or Derby right now.

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