Shoulder Pain

Struggling With Shoulder Pain?

As the body’s most mobile joint, the shoulder is vulnerable to a variety of diseases and injuries. There are many different conditions that can result in shoulder discomfort, but some of the more prevalent ones are neck and upper back issues, arthritis, repetitive motion , involvement in sporting activities, and car accidents.

The movement and strength needed for normal function are produced by the interaction of these ligaments, tendons, and muscles, which makes it more challenging to diagnose the afflicted area. The good news is that we have helped thousands of people with shoulder-pain recover from their issues. Returning to normalcy can be a difficult process, but as with any medical issues, the source of the discomfort must be identified and treated.

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Common Symptoms

The following signs and symptoms signal to an urgent necessity for a shoulder evaluation:

  • Having trouble extending your arm above your head
  • Difficulty or discomfort while transporting goods
  • Increasing pain in the evening
  • An odd cracking or clicking sound while moving the joint
  • Pain that has lasted more than one week

Getting a correct diagnosis is an important stage in the assessment process since, as with most disorders, the best therapy relies on where the problem originated. The majority of chiropractors have the necessary tools and training to diagnose shoulder discomfort using a variety of techniques.

A chiropractor can swiftly identify the precise source of your discomfort using the clinical data from your medical history, modern imaging tools, and orthopaedic treatments. You may then create a customised treatment plan using this diagnosis.

Treatment For Shoulder Pain

According to research, a lot of shoulder discomfort instances are actually the result of referred pain from the neck. The neck’s nerves supply the arm and shoulder. Frequently, neck issues also contribute to shoulder issues and can be treated successfully using traditional chiropractic techniques.

Inform your chiropractor right away if the shoulder discomfort continues even after the spinal imbalance has been corrected. To achieve a quick recovery, additional manual and passive treatments are frequently performed in addition to the primary chiropractic care.

Call Cedar Tree Chiropractic for a thorough examination whether the pain is coming from the spine or is actually being brought on by injury to the shoulder joint.

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